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The digital revolution environment embraced individuals and companies, transforming our reality into an online experience and the anxiety of losing the next important thing.

It turns out that this is past. Today our reality is increased and intelligence increasingly artificial.

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We provide consulting services in the following areas

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Consulting, setup and implementation
    • Pipedrive, Salesforce, CapsuleCRM, Insightly, AgileCRM and others
  • Consulting, development and implementation of ERP, CRM and AR systems
  • Google Cloud / G Suite
  • Inbound Marketing – Strategy, Planning and Implementation
  • Marketing Automation – strategy and implementation

Audit and Web Consulting

JellyCode’s Web Consulting services consider all the factors and resources (internal and external) that can lead to the achievement of the goals of your business.

Web audit

Technical analysis and diagnosis to the technological channel (website, application or other) used as business vehicle. This auditing stage aims to identify and classify the aspects that can contribute positively and others that require recipe.

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Web Consulting

The approach begins in the relation between the diagnosis of the website / web application or mobile based on nuclear variables, and business goals.

From this first stage we collect data that will allow us to outline an accurate strategic plan, with clear measures on the most appropriate technology, information architecture, possible external resources to adopt, definition of the visual and functional design to be implemented, and may include all the digital marketing strategy.

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