Presented to the market on January 19, 2015, JellyFIT multi services plan has since then gained ground in the preference of our customers as well as attracting new ones.
JellyFIT gives you access to every single service we provide, in one single plan.  You can use our services of web design and development, graphic design, multimedia, SEO, social media management, email marketing, web consulting, support, etc. Without the “extra fee” speech.


Why its success?

JellyFIT is grounded on a mindset that emphasizes flexibility, justice and transparency.

Justice, because in all its aspects, there isn’t a single one that may penalize the customer (for example, it doesn’t penalize extra usage of the plan).
Freedom, because does not limit but rather encourages the use of different services depending on the needs of your business.
Transparency, because it lets you visualize everything we do.

JellyFIT’s business model it’s aimed to break down with the established concepts that benefit only one side actually (service provider’s side) and provide one that is clearly recognized for making sense, from head to toe.

The typical response of our customers have been pleasantly surprised with a plan that can put into practice simple concepts that make sense for both parties.
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