JELLYCODE – Digital Agency, Unip. Lda. Has been operating in the national market since 2011 in the area of ​​web design and development, providing as a complement to its activity, the hosting service of websites on its own servers in a national data center.

JELLYCODE’S RUP applies to shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers, and server housing services.

This Responsible Use Policy is intended to protect the systems and services of JELLYCODE and all of its customers to ensure that their availability is desired for their satisfaction and protection.

Network and system security

Users are not permitted to breach or attempt to breach any system that makes up JELLYCODE’s infrastructure including its security systems.

The following actions are not allowed:

  1. Unauthorized entry or attempted entry into servers.
  2. Use of cracking, brute-force or dictionary attacks for unauthorized access.
  3. Automatic detection of server services (Port scan).
  4. Unauthorized vulnerability research on servers, services and networks.
  5. Forgery of data intended to mislead and mislead data receivers is expressly prohibited.
    These include but are not limited to:

    1. IP Spoofing Address Changes.
    2. ARP Spoofing (ARP) Address Changes.
    3. Changes to email message headers.

You are not permitted to intentionally interfere with the proper functioning of servers, services or networks.

These cases include:

  1. Overload action, which aims to impair the normal operation of services (Denial of Service).
  2. Bulk Packet Shipping (Flooding).
  3. Any kind of attempts to block or disrupt service, servers or networks.


Users of the hosting service provided by JELLYCODE are solely responsible for the content hosted on our servers and should therefore securely manage their access data and ensure that they comply with the rules below.

Are not allowed either in shared or dedicated hosting:

  1. Content that infringes copyright.
  2. Content containing pedophilia.
  3. Content that encourages the commission of criminal acts.
  4. Content that incites violence.
  5. Content that is considered illegal.
  6. Content that is offensive or discriminatory based on religion, gender or race.
  7. Content that deceives the customer into thinking it is another site (Phishing).
  8. Viruses, Trojans, Malware or any other harmful software to users who visit these websites.
  9. Sharing and / or facilitating the exchange of copyrighted software or information.
  10. Software that allows servers such as Open Relay or Open Proxy to be used.
  11. Software without proper licensing.
  12. Outdated software or known faults that allow it to exploit to take control of the server.
  13. Proxies or NAT installation.
  14. The installation of anonymizers.

Shared hosting

As this is a service in which the servers used are shared with more users, any shared CPU, disk or memory usage that may have a negative impact on the performance or quality of service of other users’ hosting is not allowed on shared hosting.

Therefore it is not allowed in the shared hosting service:

  1. CPU usage above 25% for more than 90 seconds.
  2. Use of more than 100,000 files in the hosting account.
  3. Using shared hosting as a backup device.
  4. Using the hosting service for file sharing.
  5. The creation of Cron Jobs at intervals of less than 15 minutes.
  6. Peer-to-peer software installation.
  7. The use of web spiders or indexers.
  8. Exceed the limit of 500 emails / hour.

Email and anti-spam policy

Misuse of e-mail causes disruption and damage to JELLYCODE’s infrastructure, as well as other users and third parties, directly and indirectly, by jeopardizing the normal operation of the systems and service support.

JELLYCODE considers as spam any and all email sent for commercial purposes and not requested by the recipient. In addition to the foregoing, any email that may negatively impact JELLYCODE infrastructure or blacklist IP addresses from our address space will also be considered SPAM.

As such it is not allowed:

  1. SPAM submission.
  2. Sending email to the so-called SPAMTRAPS.
  3. Mass mailing of unsolicited commercial or personal email.
  4. Mass mailing of unsolicited commercial or personal email, where recipients are all in undisclosed recipients (BCC)
  5. Sending emails to those who have expressly requested your cancellation.
  6. Use of our servers as SMTP “Open Proxy” or “Open Relay”.Hosting pages that provide SPAM services.
  7. Hosting of pages advertised through spam sent from other networks (spamvertising).
  8. Any action that blacklists JELLYCODE IP address space.

Where one of the above situations arises, JELLYCODE reserves the right to immediately suspend the hosting service without reactivation or any refunds.

IP Assignment

JELLYCODE has its own address space and assigns each server an IP address not allowed:

  1. The use of IPs other than those assigned.
  2. The use of IPs from other servers.


Where abusive acts are detected and JELLYCODE intervention is required to remedy these situations, JELLYCODE may, without any prior consultation with the customer, choose to:

  1. Notify the customer by email or telephone, giving them 24 hours to stop abusing or violating the current RUP.
  2. Carry out the necessary intervention for immediate resolution of the problem, being the customer causing the same technical intervention based on the current time value broken down on the site.
  3. Immediately suspend the service without notice if the seriousness of the situation warrants it.

General considerations

  1. JELLYCODE reserves the right to permanently cancel or temporarily suspend any hosting service (shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers and server housing) without any return of unused period if this RUP is breached.
  2. JELLYCODE reserves the right to suspend any service if it causes degradation of our infrastructure or service to other customers.
  3. JELLYCODE reserves the right to revise its policies and this RUP at any time without prior notice and the updated version can be found on our website.
  4. JELLYCODE cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the cancellation of the site or service if this RUP is violated.