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Best websites don’t stop in time.


Once on-line, it is essencial to assure that your website, web or mobile app keeps actual and functional. For this to happen, you can count on our experienced team of specialists and customer’s support, so you can only worry about your business.


Webdesigner JellyCodeWeb Support

  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]general clarifications and support[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]content management (texts, images, videos and others)[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]Bug free services / website improvement[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]re-design[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]security checks and protection[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]e-mail setup and support[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]graphic design productions[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-cog”]web hosting and maintenance support[/list]
    All support interactions are held by our Help Desk at
     Support tasks that do not require special productions like: programming and development, design, multimedia or consulting services, are totally free of cost.
    If by the other hand, you wish to take advantage of our full range of services, you should meet JellyFIT – multi service plan.

    One plan, all services.

JellyFIT – multi service plan

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