E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing


Make sure your email gets there.

JellyCode’s professional Email Marketing services, allows you to communicate with your audience and promote your business at a fraction of the normal cost, with measureable results for each campaign.

Our E-mail marketing services includes:

CMS - content management system graphic design of the electronic communication,

glyphicons_036_file  newsletter setup on HTML format,

suporte segmentation and definition of the targeted email audience,

scheduled emails  communication scheduling,

targeted emails  send emails to the targeted audience,

SEO  campaign analytics – full report containing the results for each e-mail campaign.

Remodelar website  Other available services

responsive email  glyphicons_163_iphone Mobile Email Marketing – email formatting for mobile devices,

glyphicons_232_cloud  your email communications in the cloud. Perfect to share across social networks and even on your website.

E-mail Marketing Analytics

Email Marketing Analytics - JellyCode

campaigns management with measurable results.


Don’t jeopardize your email / domain sending mass mailings.

JELLYCODE invests a lot to provide high standard E-mail marketing services. We use dedicated servers and redundant IPs to assure mass mailing with very low risk. This way we provide unparalleled Email Marketing services, with some major advantages:

  • [list icon=”icon-check-sign”]protect your email domain from being blacklisted as a SPAMMER,[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-check-sign”]highest delivery rate,[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-check-sign”]full speed delivery (high quality dedicated servers – not shared).[/list]
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