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your business where people love to be.

we build your business / company’s page, facebook app development. Content management and reporting.

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The major social network for professionals.

Take advantage of the biggest contact network for people in professional occupations.

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your business where people (also) love to be.

the second largest social networking site in the world.

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Messages that connect people to your business.

Communicate your business activities with short messages . There are people who would love to follow you.

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stream your business in videos.

The biggest video-content website in the world. We create, manage and promote your YouTube’s channel.

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Pinpoint and communicate by images.



Social activity and performance reports

Knowing in detail the performance of the activities on your networks, it is essential to outline Marketing & Sales strategies.

  • [list icon=”icon-thumbs-up”]views, sharing, users per day, age, gender and country[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-thumbs-up”]engagement – number of users engaged with your posts[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-thumbs-up”]number of users that talk about it[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-thumbs-up”]time-line analysis and trends[/list]

and much more critical data for your business.

JellyCode’s team of experts in web marketing, create and streamline your social spots.

Main services

[list icon=”icon-comments-alt”]initial setup of your business page at Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Linked in, among others.[/list]
[list icon=”icon-comments-alt”]constant updating services and content management, accordingly with the time-frames contracted.[/list]
[list icon=”icon-comments-alt”]social performance reporting.[/list]


Additional options

[list icon=”icon-comments-alt”]Facebook or Twitter apps development.[/list]
[list icon=”icon-comments-alt”]online support for users of your social spot (contact us for more info).[/list]

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