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web & mobile apps

  • Desenvolvimento websites e aplicações web

    Web Apps

web apps

We develop all kinds of web applications, completely designed from scratch and tailored to your goal.

We are experienced in applications such as CRM, ERP, social networks, data mining, online auctions, discounts platforms, among others.

mobile apps

We develop mobile applications (iOS / Android), designed from scratch and tailored to your goal.

We are experienced in online auction applications, discounts platforms, among others.

  • desenvolvimento aplicações mobile

    Mobile Apps

 design, usability and experience (UI/UX)

Application development starts with a deep study on which design concept to adopt, usability (UI – User Interface) and user experience (UX) to offer.


Having defined the graphic and functional concept, an application prototype is produced for a closer look & feel on what it will be the real app.

technology and development

We have experts in Ruby on Rails, Angle, Laravel, CakePHP and other frameworks that fits any project requirements. As for the mobile applications are developed in their original frameworks xCode for iOS and Android Studio for Android operating system.

 testing and deployment

We have a dedicated team for testing and quality purposes, who performs a battery of tests before the final deployment of the application.
In the case of mobile applications, we treat the entire submission process for you until we get approval from Google Play and Apple Store.

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You can also contact us by email or phone +351 219 259 819 (Lisbon) / +351 220 028 513 (Oporto)

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